Your Perfect Wardrobe

Janez Vermeulen styled for Top Billing
Janez Vermeulen
8 May 2011
Alex Philipou styled by Nico Bekker
Second Generation Client
8 May 2019
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Your Perfect Wardrobe

Walk-in Styled Closet for Men

Your perfect men’s wardrobe should ideally be built a few select pieces at a time over an extended period. Purchasing quality garments is an investment. It is better to own a few well-made outfits that you wear often than a full wardrobe of poorly-fitted clothing that doesn’t suit you.

First impressions are powerful. Countless communication studies have shown that a man’s visual appearance is initially more powerful than what he has to say. Ignore your wardrobe at your own peril.

Items that should be in the average Men’s Wardrobe:

And to complete the look add:

Why not hire a stylist to get you started?

Personal style isn’t about following trends, it’s about learning what clothes suit your personality and body type. And then wearing them in a way that’s unique to you.

That isn’t something that comes naturally to everyone and that’s where a Personal Stylist can help, by showing you how to look at clothes in a different way. Leaving you to always look and feel at your very best.

Learn more by contacting your CMStylist, Nico, to discuss his services and your needs.

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